How do you solve a problem like IKEA?

Am having a very butch day off. So far have managed to dispose of:

  • disgusting grill pan (came free with the flat)
  • disgusting oven tray (came free with the flat)
  • very large and bulky computer monitor
  • chair (that came came with the flat)
  • office chair that collapsed when I sat on it yesterday

I’ve also been engaged in building bookcases (well a bookcase so far) from IKEA. One down (well, up, I suppose), four more to go.

Feeling very butch about it all though. Cat has never seen such activity.  


  1. Butch?
    How very DARE you!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Another Skip Photo??
    Sounds likes we should be looking forward to another skip photo in your photoblog.

  3. Bishop David says

    Billy, I suppose
    Chances are it’s Billy – on which I am an expert, particularly the one that goes round the corner.  Need to make sure you put the shelves in with the screws on the under side.  Saw some guy who had set out to build a robot which could assemble Billy shelves.  Quicker to do it yourself, I suspect.

  4. Elizabeth Anderson says

    Are those the kind you put together with an allan key? Shudder. Allan keys are the most evil tool – designed by IKEA to eternally frustrate their customers.

  5. Adam Williamson says


    Hey Kelvin, just wanted to drop a note about the results as requested. I got 5 As in English, Maths, French, Physics and Chemistry, so hopefully doing medicine at university. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

    Have fun with IKEA – think I’ve spent half my holiday helping to assemble that stuff. haha


  6. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Adam!!!!!

    Kelvin (sorry, couldn’t resist the above for Adam!) we need photographic follow-up of this unexpected work-out of yours!

  7. mysterious stranger says

    DOn’t have such a thing as IKEA (thankfully)But just experienced moving house in JUly.Trying to do the minimalist bit but teenager daughters are out to get me.

    Cracking results Adam.Successful candidate in this household too.At least I know what Medicine is.Struggling with Laser physics and Opticla electronics.

    Sounds like something you would need to deal with flat pack furniture.

  8. Anonymous says

    Congratulations to Adam


    Congratulations – a set of exam results to be really proud of. Which year are you planning to go to college? 

  9. Miriam says

    Exam Results
    Well done Adam!  You might want to do crash higher human biology though, very useful.  I went to med school with a load of arts highers and no biology it’s not a good move.  Biochemistry is really confusing when you don’t know what a lipid is…

  10. Hi Again…

    Hey guys, sorry been away on holiday so no computer for the last few days, hence late reply…

    I’m not sure about uni yet, but thinking I’d like to go to Edinburgh. Going to just about every open day this September, so I should have a better idea soon. I’ll keep you posted. Staying on at school 6th year though.


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