I’m sue to see my new MP sometime next week. I’m pleased about this – after my installation service we met and said that we must meet again sometime soon. I’m impressed that she remembered that conversation and got one of her staff to set up a meeting this week.

What niether of us knew  when we arranged that was how close we were to the conflict in Lebanon. No doubt that and the associated Middle Eastern issues will be high on the list of what we will talk about when we meet.

It is good that there seems to be some progress at the UN today, but it comes far too late. IMHO, Britain should have been far more proactive in seeking a ceasefire.


  1. Andrew Colin says


    What the Muslims associations are saying about links between terrorism and foreign policy is the same as I have been thinking for a long time.  Before 2001 Iraq was not a source of terrorists – but now it is!


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