To Edinburgh

Oh, what a disturbing set of art installations made up the Ron Mueck show in Edinburgh. A large in your face baby lying on the floor, a teenager who looked like she was 58 and miserable, a man in a boat which was clearly taking him no-where and two sour biddies having a gossip. The message seemed to be that life is tough for all of us.

The off to see M in the evening. One thing is for sure. You do get fed well when you go to see him. 


  1. Yes, we were very well fed. Thank you Kelvin for stepping in and doing the cooking. Great risotto.

  2. Mysterious Stranger says

    Very weird exhibition.Cut short my visit as it was a beautiful day and escaped to Gullane sands instead.Much better for the soul.

    Art I did discover this summer is the writing of
    Henri Nouwen.Any thoughts.

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