Yesterday was the first day of choir term and it was great to have them back.

Who would have guessed that I would get so much nourishment from Evensong? I certainly wouldn’t have done before coming here. No doubt it helps to be singing it with Scotland’s premier church choir but even during the summer when the choir has been on holiday, it has been lovely too.

Quite an adrenelin rush singing the Barry Rose responses. Not straightforward at all. 

The results of the Word of the Week award for last night’s service are as follows:

In third place, groaning. This is the first time that a spoken word has made it to the short list and it appeared at the beginning of one of the lessons.

In second place was the word peradventure. However, that is because of the internal delights of the word rather than the way in which it was sung.

A clear first place goes to the word butter, noting the delicious smoothness with which it was sung by the choir in the following verse in Psalm 55:

The words of his mouth were softer than butter, having war in his heart :
his words were smoother than oil, and yet be they very swords.


  1. Mysterious stranger says

    This entry just makes me want to hear the choir.Tell me do you ever have a Taize music based service?

    Unable to hear the choir I have put on John Taverna’s Lament for Jerusalem.It seems appropriate at this time and also with some of the very difficult daily readings from Judges.

  2. Anonymous says

    We are doing the 0810 service on Radio 4 on 10 September, so there will be a chance to hear that then.

    We use Taize and particularly Iona music within the main services. At the moment we don’t have a special Taize service, but you never know what might develop.

    The readings from Judges are particularly difficult. It is a very odd devotion to begin the day with quite so much sex and violence. More murderous women than one would expect too.

  3. Anonymous says

    “More murderous women than one would expect” – well, welcome to Glasgow!

  4. Evensnog
    So did it happen……..???
    Good combination.Evensong and Evensnog. Might catch on.
    How very dare you Provost Holdsworth!!

  5. Brannon Hancock says

    great job
    I know it’s not a performance, and so such congratulations might be downplayed, but, if I may say so, I thought you did an excellent job w/ the Rose. At least, it sounded great from the bass section on the decani side! And yes, some fascinating imagery in that line about butter…

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