Two weeks off

Someone has started a Wikipedia entry on me. I’m trying to follow the convention that you don’t edit the entry about yourself. Not easy. Do fill in the blanks.

Two weeks off blogging is in order I think. Back soon. Comment moderation on until I get back.


  1. Enjoy your time off!
    I know what it feels like – except for having the wiki article.

  2. gerry Priest says

    Just to say congrats on your new appointment ,Kelvin.
    Have been meaning to wish you all the best for a long time, however, don’t waste your idealistic commitment to justice , fairness, truth, honesty by not continuing in politics. Principalled people are sadly lacking in government – people like yourself are much needed.
    Please don’t waste your time a cathedral backwater tied up with comparative trivia.

  3. Japan Vicky says

    Very nice! I like the photo.  I can’t imagine that we were at college together – I still don’t feel grown up and there you are shepherd to a large flock…….. Do you ever hear from any others of our year at all?  

  4. Anonymous says

    More pictures of Kelvin on his Special Day
    Especially for Vicky – you can find more pictures of Kelvin’s special day at the end of May 2006 at

    Apologies to Kelvin if he does like such a blatent plug for this photo album site.

  5. Japan Vicky says

    Thank you for posting the photos link – I looked at them all with great pleasure!

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