Blog Migration

I’ll be migrating this blog over the next day or so. I’m moving from postnuke to wordpress.

Those who read via RSS may need to resubscribe.

UPDATE – Wednesday 1930

The update is now complete. Whole site moved from one CMS to another. Like the redesign? You need to refresh the page a few times to get the rotating headers in all their glory.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone who reads via an rss reader – I’ve tried to redirect you so that you don’t need to change anything, and would like to know whether it has worked.

Comments welcome, as ever.


  1. Love the rotating pictures – but then I am biased.

  2. kelvin says

    Thanks Stewart. Many thanks for taking some of the pics. I’ll be adding more in due course.

  3. I got this article correctly as a new item in the feed without having to change anything.

    9 older items (starting `Two weeks off’) have resurfaced as new through being dated `Thursday 01 January 1970 01:59′. Hmmm. No biggie, I suppose.

  4. FeedDemon picked it up too.

    By the way, Ikea do a labyrinth rug in 2 sizes, if you are in to that sort of thing. And I know you are an Ikea afficianado.

  5. Looks nice, but shouldn’t it be possible to make those rotating headers on individual entries also act as a link back to the home page?

  6. Elizabeth Anderson says

    Like the rotating headers muchly.

    Labyrinth rug . . . . hmm . . . . intriguing.

  7. The new site looks good Kelvin. Rotating headers are very impressive. The RSS (Gregarius on my own server) worked fine for me – though, like Tim, read articles got marked unread so I got the last ten entries.

  8. kelvin says

    Thanks all for comments. I’ve implemented Simon’s suggestion that the header acts as a link back to the main page.

    Pleased that the RSS redirect worked. It involved a mod rewrite, which is very dark magic indeed, in my view.

  9. An RSS feed! YAY!

  10. P.S. I, too, like the changing headers. Very nice!

  11. kelvin says

    Actually Mark, I always did have an RSS feed.

  12. But I could never find it!

  13. kelvin says

    Perhaps it was too well hidden.

    The last site was a postnuke site – all postnuke sites have a built in feed at

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