Back to work

Back to work today after a fortnight’s holiday.

Most of the mail was responses to a consultation document that I’ve published about one or two aspects of the cathedral’s life. I’ve put a copy on the blog too in another post. Responses are welcome from far afield as well as from within our own community.

It is a busy weekend coming up – we are doing the Radio 4 morning service on Sunday morning. It is Racial Justice Sunday and so that will be woven into the theme for the service. My aim is for the radio listeners to feels as close to worshipping in one of our normal services as can be done over the airwaves. So, a blue book service and the kind of music that we like singing here. Frikki (Director of Music) has written an anthem for the occassion which he has been sweet enough to dedicate to me and the choir. However, I’ve not heard it yet and he declined to play it to me during the day. All shall be revealed.

Holiday was good fun. Was in the Black Isle, Easter Ross, Moray and Sutherland. The sun shone, the weather was dry and the dolphins did sport and play in the Moray firth. The lighthouse near Fortrose is much recommended for Dophin Watch.

Blog transition seems to have been accomplished with as little trouble as possible. Thanks for comments from the RSS readers.

Oh, and by the way – anyone know who, or rather more particularly what shares a birthday with me? Shared celebrations due in October, I think.


  1. I look forward to listening to St Mary’s on Sunday morning whilst driving to work on Sunday morning.

  2. The shared birthday would be the dedication of St Mary’s as a church presumably?

    btw, the new site wouldn’t let me sign in under my previous username, claiming it was unknown. Is this a glitch or do I need to register again now that you’ve migrated?

  3. Anonymous says

    Your young server Megan from your previous congregation will share your birthday month, however I think you may be celebrating your day slightly differently.
    She’s going to battle in a lazer zone!
    What did you teach her Kelvin?
    (hope all is well and you enjoyed your summer break)

  4. Metropolitan Opera House, New York. Gounod’s Faust.

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