Just back from a meeting in Millport. Cumbrae was bedrowsled with mist. It must have been the Millport Country & Western Music festival last week, I think – or perhaps it is still on. The lampposts were bedecked with US and Confederacy flags.

I can’t help but think that Millport is surreal enough without this.


  1. GadgetVicar says

    Last year, our vestry awayday was held at Millport when the C & W festival was on. We enjoyed the parade and bought cowboy hats. Surreal sums it up.

  2. Vestry Awayday in Millport!!
    Now there’s an idea!!!

  3. Elizabeth Anderson says

    Confederacy flags! Yikes!

  4. You should try singing Byrd in the cathedral while there’s an Elvis impersonation contest going on in Millport at the C & W festival …..on second thoughts, maybe not!

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