What are you reading?

Oh, thank you for asking.

I’ve just finished reading Zadie Smith’s On Beauty which I enjoyed greatly. A more conventional read than either White Teeth or The Autograph Man but equally enjoyable.

I’ve been picking up and mulling over John Selby Spong’s book Why Christianity Must Change or Die. I agree with much of the sensibility, though the dogmatism is curiously similar to those whom he most opposes.

Whilst on holiday, I enjoyed reading The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren more than you might think. You have to filter out the anti-Roman Catholic, anti-gay and anti-liberal bits and ignore all the nonsense proof texts, but apart from that, it was quite good.


  1. I just read The Jester by James Patterson; before that, Mary Queen of Scotland & the Isles, by Margaret George. Now I’m reading Proved Innocent by Gerry Conlon.

  2. Pamela Murphy says

    I read Proved Innocent years ago and thought it was quite interesting. I’m currently reading Eyes Without Sparkle which is one womans journey through postnatal depression. Not a fan of Zadie smith so much. White Teeth was mediocre at best.

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