The Quest for the Praeposital Flipflops

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a young provost who has taken up swimming once again must be in want of a pair of fine flipflops.

But first, where does one buy flipflips at the end of the summer in Glasgow? I had to take advice from colleagues. The answer that was forthcoming was BHS. This indeed proved to be true. However, they had a selection.

Pair number 1 were rejected for though the praeposital feet would have looked very fine in them, it was feared that the suede finish would not have lasted the course.

Pair number 2 were rejected for similar reasons, though in this case, it was to do with the canvas strap.

Pair number 3 were rejected for though they looked dandy, they were mint green with a white stripe, leading to fears of promoting sectarian division.

Pair number 4 were the Flip Flops of Glory and were purchased with much delight.


  1. Unless they are black I guess we will not see them at divine service – unless of course you follow the lead of our Greek Orthodox friends and celebrate the Sacrament of Baptism with total immersion.

  2. Dear Provost, I’m lovin’ that very impressive word ‘praeposital’ – and am just wondering how to use it myself (actually I’m also wondering what it means)! Glad the ‘Flip Flops of Glory’ are good, rather like the Pants of Power, me thinks!

  3. We want pics of the Flipflops of Glory, please. And any time you want to borrow the Handbag of Glory, just let me know.

  4. kelvin says

    Stewart – as it happens, I was baptised by full immersion, but neither I nor my baptist were wearing flipflops, black or otherwise.

    David – the praeposital flipflops are plainly those flipflops pertaining to the praepositus. Some grammarians might prefer “praepositorial”. Grammarians can debate that matter here.

    Ruth – I suspect that it will have to be a very special day at the pool before the Flipflops of Glory and the Handbag of Glory are united. Its a nice thought though.

  5. serena says

    Seconding Ruth’s comment – we need photographic evidence of the Flip Flops of Glory. Wouldn’t flippers be more useful though?

  6. Your predecessor-but-two, who could pick nits for Scotland (and frequently did) preferred “praepostorial”

    I’m sure he had never heard of flipflops, however glorious.

  7. kelvin says

    I’m willing to discuss latinate adjectives with my expert when he returns from holiday, however, my position on praepostorial is that it would seem to demand decanorial rather than decanal as the equivalent word for a dean. Decanorial would clearly be absurd and pompous.

    Episcoporial anyone?

  8. Maybe – but if we are going for decanorial, what about change sides and going for “cantorial” ?

    (with tongue firmly in cheek)


  1. […] up my trunks which are hanging on my own numbered peg and go off to the slipper room to pick up the Flip Flops of Glory and make my way to the changing room, with its big armchairs and newspapers. After the swimming, […]

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