Glasgow Rain

It has started to rain in Glasgow in a way I’ve not seen since moving here. Will it go on until May?


  1. This is only a passing shower – the real rain is still to come 🙂

    Great for filling my water butts though!!

  2. No, according to the papers today it is to be scorchio on Thursday – 82 degrees or something similar. Oh no, sorry, that would be everywhere else in Britain apart from the West Coast. sorry!

  3. Elizabeth says


  4. Pamela Murphy says

    It was even worse down in Greenock last night. The nights really are fair drawing in now!!

  5. mysterious stranger says

    I really like the new look ,especially the pictures on the page headers very arty.Unfortunately I am one of the rare breed that use Macs.OOOPS!I can see the title of your daily blogs but no text appears.I can even post a comment.

    I am able to access the site by PC as well so I can catch up but I thought I’d better let you know.

    Rain has reached us fueled by a vicious South Easterly gale.

  6. Left Glasgow Airport at 9am this morning in torrential rain. The sun is currently shining in Gloucester (@4:45pm) – now was there not a nursery rhyme about a Doctor going to Gloucester in a shower of rain?

  7. Brian says

    (Very) Reverend rainmaker.
    The rain seems to have coincided with an upsurge in the number of native American musicians in the city centre, although I think last year some of them were playing ‘The Flight of the Condor’ and claiming to be from Peru.

  8. Howard says

    You’ve seen nothing like the weather in the Isle of Man in the last 48 hours. Storm force and severe storm force gales and torrential rain have forced ferries to be cancelled, and there is more severe weather forecast for tonight. It prevented us from visiting the adjacent island (England) today.

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