Mobile Phone re-negotiation

I’d have to say that sorting out a more sensible mobile phone deal is even harder than buying flipflops.

They do talk nonsense. Here is a business plan for someone – a mobile phone company that charges straightforward rates. No discounts per month, bundles, flexitime, stop-the-clock, price planning for you, inclusive minutes, top-ups, value top-ups, inclusive picture texting, mobile surfing per megabyte or operatives asking you to hang on for another minute.


  1. Roddy says

    In addition, no more contact from call centres overseas who wish to sell my business a mobile phone contract but are a bit confused as to the extent. For example:

    Call centre; “Do you work in a business”

    Me; ” Yes, the National Health Service”

    Call centre; “Does that have more than 50 employees?”

    Me; ” Just a bit”…..

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