Dear Respected One

I receive from time to time spurious e-mails coming from people around the world who claim that they have a lot of money to spare and that all they need is details of my bank account and I will be fabulously wealthy.

These kind of e-mails are sometimes referred to as Nigerian Scam e-mails, a term which refers not to the so-called Global South Primates, but to the apparent number of people who apply this kind of financial scam from that country.

They are getting better at it too – sometimes they come addressed quite personally. Today, I had one fromĀ  someone who claims that his father died in a gold mine in Mende, Republic of Serria Leone. He begins his e-mail, “Dear Respected One…”

Well, he certainly got my attention for a moment.


  1. Has Strathclyde Police got an address to send these ‘419 letters’ to? L&B does…

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