Synod Nerd

At the once a year gathering of the SEC Organisational Review Committee today. This is the one which makes recommendations about How the General Synod Works. You have to be a synod nerd to really enjoy this kind of thing and such people are fortunately rather thin on the ground. I tend to wave my arms around a lot as I try to remove the distinction between the microphone of power (for conveners) and the microphone for smaller persons. All I want is microphones that are accessible for everyone and easily used. I also tend to make impassioned speeches (to all the 3 or 4 people present) about how changing the angle of the chairs by 5 degrees will enable us to make better decisions.

Every child of TISEC knows that rearranging the chairs is essential beforeĀ  worship or decision making can happen.

That synod needs tealights.


  1. Maybe we need a new term for Synod Nerd.

    How about a combination word – “Synerd”

  2. You shall have to explain the chair-moving shenanigans at some point.
    I haven’t got to TISEC yet.
    (Though I did take the plunge and am going to accept Heythrop’s offer.)

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