I rather like the cultural elision that is unfolding this year, as Diwali give way to Eid which in turn gives way to Halloween/All Saints/All Souls and then Guy Fawkes. (All festivals that are religious in one way or another). Basically it means lots of fireworks.

However, Miss T is not so happy at the prospect. She does not like the loud noises, which at least proves that she is not as deaf as I sometimes think she is.

I’d forgotten what it was like to feel Eid coming in just a few days. You can feel it in the streets.


  1. I just returned from London. When dropping off the hire car at Heathrow as dusk turned to night the first fireworks were let off – at around 7pm. The display continued across the horizon unabated well past 10pm and looked spectacular from above as the aircraft took off into the clear west London skies.

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