Nerdiness quiz result

I am nerdier than 80% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Oh dear…


  1. You’re slacking! 😉

  2. Is there something wrong with me – my result…

  3. Erk. Results aren’t showing up in comments. Apparently I beat 96% of other folks though *cough*

  4. …is 48%

    (even managed to select submit before completing my comment!!)

  5. Amazing Kelvin – it told me I was “non-nerdy and probably even cool”! Amazing, but hardly true for a middle-aged clergyman!

  6. Robin says

    I am a 6 something wrong?

  7. serena says

    Apparently, I’m cool at 8!!
    Probably just because I’m **** at maths and science and couldn’t answer those questions. Now I have a wi-fi laptop I must qualify as a higher nerd-type!

  8. Gordon says

    Oh dear I got a 81 (i must get a life)

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