Helen Percy

We might sing a little hallelujah today for the tenacity and courage of Helen Percy. Her discrimination case with the Church of Scotland was settled out of court.
The details of Helen’s case are not really the point any more – the principle that she established was that a minister could approach an employment tribunal for redress when discriminated against. The C of S still apparently takes the position that this does not apply to parish ministers – Helen was an associate minister – as it still does not recognise that they are employed. Even a cursory reading of the House of Lords ruling makes it clear that this is not automatically so.

Discriminatory decisions taken by church leaders are likely to be very costly in the future.

I was at college with Helen, though did not know her well then. She has done a great service to many people in the church, both gay and straight, by refusing to give up her fight.


  1. I heard about this too.

    Part of me is glad it did not go as far as court, so that it was not dragged through the mud. Though part of me wish it had (and of course that a satisfactory outcome had ensued) to remind the ‘establishment’ that discrimination/inequality is unacceptable.

  2. Richard Aitken says

    I came to know Helen Percy subsequent to the events in Scotland as her employer in South Africa. She is a deeply compassionate person and cares for others in creative and inventive ways. At every moment during the two years I worked with her, she acted with commitment and profound insight into the difficulties of others in a complex inter-cultural context. She always acted with integrity. I hold this wonderful person in the Light. I hope earnestly that she will again be a Minister in the communities which she loves.

  3. Rev.Dr.Roy Catchpole says

    Well done Helen. It’s been a long road.

  4. Eric Taylor says

    Congratulations to Helen on her fight which shows that religious organisations have a lot to learn from secular laws based not on dogma but moral values of equality and respect. It’s a pitty that they will take eternity to change their ways.

  5. Barry says

    You have all to gain…x

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