Office conversation

Oh no, my computer does not work.

ME: What’s wrong does it need to be healed?

It won’t connect to the network.

ME: Let me see….

[Hands are gently laid upon the keyboard. The computer connects to the network]

How did you do that? How is that possible? You just touched it and it worked!

ME: Well, the bishop anointed my hands when I was ordained, and ever since…..


  1. liturgybuff says

    Funny, I’m only a lay reader and this happens to me as well!
    (I’m also Head of IT – does this make a difference?)

  2. kelvin says

    Oh, I see. You think it has something to do with my Computing Science and Mathematics degree and not the efficacy of the oils do you?

  3. Are you sure that conversation wasn’t made up? I only suggest this because if it had happened with either of the two people I know work in a certain office the language would have been considerably more colourful!

  4. kelvin says

    Well Gary, perhaps there was a little editorial control.

  5. *giggles*
    I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with the degree. (Aye, right!) 😉

  6. P.S. Will we see you at Spikey Mike’s sometime? You and I didn’t really get a chance to natter…

  7. kelvin says


    I’m sure I will be at St Michael and All Saints sometime. The last few years I’ve tended to come to Corpus Christi, but I’m sure that I will be at something before then.

    I’m working part of one day in Edinburgh this week, but sadly not Wednesday, or I would be tempted by the All Saints service on Wednesday evening. We are keeping All SS on Sunday, but keeping All Souls with a Choral Requiem (Duruflé) on Thursday evening.

  8. Sounds good!

  9. liturgybuff says

    But is that not what you went to ITSEC for? Or was that just a transposition error.

  10. Bunny says

    Wow! I usually try prayers and promise of a candle to St Isidore of Seville (patron of the web and of computer users,apptd by the last Pope) but with little success. I shall certainly try Father K. next time – can you work it from a distance?? It’s about 70 miles from me to you. The lovely chaps at the computer place in Leuchars managed to get things moving for me and I am back in control (just about). I was telling one of them about St Isidore and he dashed back into his office to check him out on the web!
    Greetings and good wishes from Strathkinness.

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