Playing on the MP3 Player

Here is the playlist from the MP3 player for today’s trip to Edinburgh…

(in no particular order of precedence)

1 – Tammy Wynette – Stand by your man

2 – Folk och Rackere – Stjärnhästen [Fond memories of Sweden in December].

3 – Zelenka – Missa dei Patris

4 – Runrig – Heartland

5 – Geoffrey Beaumont et al – A 20th Century Folk Mass [Really a Big Band Mass]

6 – Pet Shop Boys – Se la vida e

7 – Dusty – Son of a Preacher Man

Traffic was terrible.


  1. The Big Band Mass sounds like a challenge for the Cathedral Choir. Will they rise to it?

  2. Mmmm… I tihnk I like your music! 🙂

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