Having Kept the Feast

Last night’s service was absolutely beautiful. I’ve never heard the Duruflé Requiem live before and it was tremendous celebrating the Eucharist with all that going on.

For me one of the most moving bits comes early in the Kyrie. I love the Sanctus too though it sounds as though the angels are singing their holy, holies underwater.

The most profound moment – that stillness when the singing stops at the end and all that can be done for the dead (remembering, hallowing, loving) is complete and we can go back to breathing.

We can live again.


  1. I do not know the Duruflé requiem, but I think I know what you mean.

    It always gives me pause when it is dona eis requiem, instead of dona nobis pacem.

    And yet, like you say, once it’s over, it’s like a blessed relief, a cleansing. And you can breathe again. The grief is no longer choking…

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