It occurred to me the other day, bonfire night, to be exact, that I’ve never actually used fireworks liturgically.


  1. Moyra says

    It could add to the excitement of the Easter Vigil Bonfire, or finding Star shaped ones for the Nativity…..

    Or just for adding to the excitement of a thurible.

  2. So do we watch this space, or the Daily Reccurd, or the Scotsman? 😉

  3. If memory serves me correctly, the self lighting coals used in the thurible sparkle gently when lit. 🙂

  4. liturgybuff says

    Look no further than the new Wild Goose worship resources for All Saints to end of Advent called Candles and Conifers which has a liturgy inlcuding fireworks for celebrating women in the chu4rch who have been martyred (cue a Catherine wheel for St Catherine).

    The rest of the stuff is very good as well.

  5. mysterious stranger says

    I like the candles and conifers liturgy.Metaphorically I am sure many of your sermons contain fireworks for many of the congregation.

  6. Anonymous says

    Think you must have missed a few sermons mysterious stranger!

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