To the Theatre Royal, Tarantara!

As if there were not enough camp Victoriana in my life already, I took myself off last night to the Theatre Royal for a splendid Pirates of Penzance by the Carl Rosa company.

It would be fair to say, upon looking around at the audience, that the young people of Glasgow have not yet discovered the pleasures to be had from Messers G and S on a cold dark night in November. However those of us who were there enjoyed ourselves tremendously. (Much more tremendously indeed than at a slightly lacklustre performance of Cats last week).

Last night’s production was delightfully done with many parasols and swords. The Modern Major General made a tremendous entrance having changed in moments from a bathing suit into full regalia. The Pirates swashed and buckled as all pirates should and one of the policemen even started to knit during the Sergeant’s Song.

Sing along now….


  1. Moyra says

    I’m jealous!!!

  2. Moyra says

    I love G&S but rarely get a chance to hear it properly. I’ll have a good sing, now, in honour of St Cecilia!

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