What are these tardises?

[Is tardises the correct plural of tardis?]

Anyone know what the strange tardis-like aluminium things are that are appearing on the streets of Glasgow? There is one not far from here and another on St George’s Road.

I keep expecting the Doctor to appear from one of them. Mind, I’ve never been a Dr Who fan. I’ve liked other things that Russell T Davis has done, but somehow I just can’t be bothered with sci-fi.


  1. There is only one Tardis — all the other Timelords are dead 🙁 . Therefore, the plural is no longer used.

  2. So what’s that Cap’n Jack is cultivating in Torchwood? Perhaps he’s been seeding them in Glasgow.

    Maybe St Mary’s is sitting on the Scottish Rift – would explain a lot.

  3. All the other Time Lords may be dead, but were their Tardises (Tardii) destroyed.

    Do remember that the Tardis used by The Master was at one time a Long Case Clock. What else could be a Tardis in disguise – The Bishop’s Throne???

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