Shelly Marsh

Just back from the delights of seeing Shelly Marsh installed as the Rector of St James the Less, Bishopbriggs. They are a lucky congregation indeed – she is very special.

It was the first time I had been there. Someone said beforehand that it was like being in a Berni Inn. I know what they mean. What were they thinking of putting in pews only 25 years ago? Still, you don’t see the leatherette when the place is full, and today it was full of people and full of goodwill.

Shelly looked pleased to be there, the Dean preached an excellent sermon, Fr Darren waggled his finger oh so gently at people to make sure they all did what they knew they should be doing and a good time was had by all.

[Little known fact: Shelly Marsh is the only person that you are likely to meet who has a dispensation not to wear black shoes in the sanctuary. She is the only priest I know on whom white satin high heels look fabulous.]


  1. liturgybuff says

    And the lights!! They look like they fell off the back of a casino.

  2. I can think of another priest on whom satin high heels look magnificent. But his identity shall remain a secret for now!

  3. Perhaps not the best week for a comment like that Lay Clerk, although I think I know who you mean, and a couple of others too!

    I was in the next door parish, St Matthew’s Possilpark when St James was being built. As I remember it, there was quite a bit of pressure from The Diocese to be fairly traditional. Remember, many didn’t want to lose their Springburn roots, or traditions. Pressure too to put in stained glass from St Andrew’s by the Green. I remember at the time thinking that I would kill for a building like it, Bernie Inn or not! My wee church had just been condemned by the same Diocesan Architect/Surveyor, who was also advising on Bishopbriggs. St Matthews is still going strong btw!

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