I’m just about getting my head around the services to come over the next few weeks. An office day yesterday sorted out a lot of the questions and the Great Printing can soon begin. The presses will roll next week, when I am safely out of the way in Sweden. I’ve no idea who thought up the idea of having a conference (on the Usual Topic) for the Porvoo churches the week before Christmas, but it was not the cleverest of ideas. By definition everyone who will be there ought to be busy doing something else somewhere else. Still, it will be good to be back in Sweden 10 years on from my last visit there. I stayed in Sweden for four months when I was an ordinand. Anything but TISEC was the rational for quite a number of ordinands’ foreign sorties.

Anyway, by the time I get back, I expect that the service sheets will be getting piled up in the office waiting for the Birth. I believe that there are those who say that it is possible to worship God without having a specially printed service sheet in your hands. How they do it I cannot imagine. We surely cannot be in communion with people who have such a fundamentally different faith to us, can we? We should have a conference on that sometime.

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