The thurible has landed

After a rather busy day of travel, I’ve arrived at my destination in Sweden, the Sigtuna Foundation, which is lovely.

Today began with a challenging wrestling match with madam cat who had no inclination to go to cat prison for 4 days. She did not believe me when I told her that I would be coming back for Christmas. I won the wrestling. I always do.

The last thing that I was able to positively identify in Scotland as the plane went upwards was the windfarm at the site known, I think, as the Braes of Doune. It is hideous in my view. It is one on the other side of the motorway from Dunblane. It struck me as ghastly even from a great distance and a long way up. The interesting thing is that one of the first things that I saw on the way downwards to land at Copenhagen (I told you it had been a busy day) was a wind farm that looked fantastic. It was built just off the land in a curved shape and seemed to delineate a shipping lane. It was good to see the wind farm thing done so well. So what was the difference? Well, that is so hard to tell and I can’t quite work it out. However Copenhagen Wind Farm 10 points, Braes of Doune Wind Farm nil points.



  1. Anonymous says

    If you’re going to fly off to Copenhagen for 4 days doesnt that make you less qualified than most to whinge about wind farms……………?

  2. Yes, anonymous you have a very fair point. However, my point is really that I’m not whinging about wind farms so much as bad design. But then that is what a few days in Scandenavia does for you.

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