Well as of 9 am Thursday…

  • The cat is in Cat Prison
  • The car is in Edinburgh
  • I am in Glasgow having escaped Heathrow Hell by booking a last-minute sleeper
  • My luggage, last seen in Sweden may be in London, Edinburgh or pretty much anywhere.

Still, all I need is a quite couple of days and a few good night’s sleep and to get everything in the right place and calm down a bit.

Update at 3 pm – Cat at home, car at airport, Kelvin in Haymarket eating breakfast, luggage in transit.

Update at 9 pm – Cat at home, car where it should be, Kelvin indescribably exhausted, luggage in Timbuktu for all anyone knows.

Update at 10 pm – Cat on lap, car where it should be, Kelvin incoherent. Luggage fondly remembered and much missed. Time for bed.


  1. Bishop David’s item (did he actually manage to get his Thought for the Day broadcast?) on BBC Radio Scotland this morning had already indicated that your journey home had been eventful.

    Roll on next year when SAS start flying from Glasgow.

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