101st thing

Here is another thing about me. As of today, I’m in Who’s Who.

See this article in today’s Scotsperson.


  1. Congratulations on outdoing the Moderator of the CofS.

    Now, like another Provost, will you get a wealthy woman to buy you a copy of this very expensive book? (That will not be me, by the way)

  2. Well well. What exalted company we keep! I’m still working on the camels ….

  3. ….sinking other people’s yachts…. ???

  4. Interesting juxtaposition with Grayson Perry. Clearly the article writer has seen the St Mary’s dressing up box!

  5. remind me never to go sailing with you!

  6. Brian Holden says

    The poet Thom Gunn put ‘cheap thrills’ under ‘Recreations’ in his entry. I have always wanted to put that in my CV but have never dared.

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