Vestry Meeting

Good vestry meeting tonight. There are always hard decisions and so much that everyone wants to be able to say. We managed to finish within 2 hours, just.

People often say funny things in Vestry meetings. The all-time funniest exchange that I ever remember went:

Me: So, how many hoovers do we have then.

Response: Five, Rector. And none of them work.


  1. Only 5, huh? We even have a hoover cupboard where I suspect they breed. And we also have one member of the congregation who will insist on getting them repaired from time to time – at the cost of a new hoover.

    I do hate this philosophy which abounds in the Church, where we give our old and worn out things to Jesus. Cups, cutlery, rugs and hoovers. If its past its best, or doesn’t work very well, let’s give it to the Church. I think Jesus deserves the very best of hoovers. Brand new Purple Dysons at the very least!

  2. zebadee says


    Never Dysons. The Church deseves better.

    Henry’s are so much better

  3. Moyra says

    Religious communities get their share of it all as well… I counted five vacuum cleaners of one variety or another in this house, two of which should be condemned, but technically, they still work.

    But at least the iron that blew the mains fuse has gone. I was told we were keeping it becasue we might find a fuse that meant it it didn’t blow… when I took fuses out of working items and it blew them every time, it went straight to the tip.

  4. Moyra says

    Oh, and Henrys are definitely better, despite the superiority of the purpleness of the Dyson.

  5. Bunny says

    Those with non-working vacuum cleaners should try living in Gloucester. Everyone who never used the vacuum cleaner said that ours was in good working order, which the rest of us knew it wasn’t. We even raised money towards a new one, but purchase was refused. I don’t whether any of us tried prayer, but God certainly acted, as, one Sunday during evensong, someone slipped into the back of the Church and STOLE the electric kettle and the vacuum cleaner! The Church now has a state-of-the-art drag-along machine called George which works a treat. Thank you God!

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