Seem to have come down with the same bug I’ve seen in others over the last 10 days – sore throat, screwed up eyes and a predisposition to say, “Bah”.


  1. vicky says

    This calls for Chicken stew (with lots of garlic, ginger and sweetcorn). If you’re too sick to make it – let me know and I’ll sort out a delivery for Sunday.

  2. ….surely this should be followed by “Humbug”

    You can also suck one help sooth your throat.

  3. A mixture of honey, lemon juice and ground ginger – mix it up thick like a syrup. Don’t scrimp on the ginger.

  4. I know Kelvin, but not about what potions to take, only that it has taken me about 10 days to get fully better from the same thing! Sorry to bring such good news!

  5. Andrew says

    I recommend a large hot toddy made with honey, lemon juice and plenty of whisky. It doesn’t do you any good but it makes you feel better!

  6. Roddy says

    The malt whisky and floating hat cure works best of all.

    You go to bed, put a hat on the bedpost at the foot of the bed and drink the whisky until the hat starts floating around the room…

    I often feel a hangover is better than a cold as you’ve done something you enjoy to deserve it

  7. Does a floating biretta have the same effect?

    (Don’t tell me – only when it’s snowing)

  8. Moyra says

    Well, if it’s the same bug I’m convinced I caught whilst in Glasgow at the end of last month, you have my deepest sympathy.

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