Conspiracy Theory Alert

One of these pics shows the Compass Rose, symbol of the Anglican Communion set into the floor of Canterbury Cathedral, whilst the other shows the Compass Rose, symbol of the CIA set into the floor of CIA headquarters.

Reports that the two organisations are one and the same are being denied by all parties, but then they would say that, wouldn’t they?



  1. How splendid. If a CIA agent is recognized primarily by his refusal to admit his identity, would that mean that a true Anglican could only be recognized by her refusal to sign a covenant?

  2. kelvin says

    Oh Mother Dunoon, you seem to know a lot about this. There would be no gasp of surprise in Thurible Mansions if you turned out to be the brains behind the whole joint operation.

    The rest of us need to watch out and see whether that Compass Rose sign gets set into the floor of any churches in Argyll over the coming months.

  3. This is just too much. Oh my. Brilliant.

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