The Official Teaching of the Anglican Communion


  1. The basis of your next semon perhaps Kelvin?

  2. Fabulous. I’d never seen it before.

    Glad you found something to laugh about.

  3. vicky says

    I can only imagine how you and your gay and lesbian clergy friends must feel about the news from Dar ES…having just read the documentation I find myself at the start of Lent with all sorts of questions about the way forward at St Mary’s. It would be useful to know if the Scottish Primus signed this document and if so what the implications are for Scottish Episcopalianism.
    I am quite aghast at the apparent injustice that would prevent long-standing and loving gay couples from having a blessing and the thought that the thoughtful, compassionate gay clergy that I know not being offered any possibility of epsicopal positions (in this life time, cos let’s face it there’ll be no ‘new consensus’ for a wee while) makes me feel sick. I have witnessed just about enough hypocrisy to really wonder whether the whole nature of episcopal traditions are so corrupt now as to make them no longer worthy representatives of liberal Christianity. It strikes me that they are happy to consent to candidates who keep secrets about all manner of heterosexual inproprieties, but do not offer the same sense of discrete willingness in the face of their gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. This breaks my heart when I see someone like yourself at the real receiving end of the latest document. I can only send you my prayers and best wishes.

  4. Elizabeth says

    Heartbreaking indeed. At this time I keep thinking, ‘how long, how long, how long must we wait?’ And offering up prayers of sighs and groans to deep for words for you, for all of us at St Mary’s, for all our brothers and sisters across the water.

  5. For once I don’t know what to say. ‘Help’, perhaps, and hope God is listening.

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