Blogging again

Back to the blog. Broadband has been restored after a web outage that occurred early in the week. The same day also had the joys of a small power cut, the sound, and sight of flushing water from the flat upstairs and considerable banging from lauds ’til compline from the same place as new central heating was being put in. Just what you want when you are sniffling and snuffling and trying to feel better.
Oh yes, I do feel better now, thank you for asking.
And it is Lent already.


  1. Welcome back – too many bloggers seem to be giving up their screens for Lent!

  2. I suspect the lack of blogging in some Piskie circles comes as we consider quiet lives of desparation in the aftermath of the Primate’s meeting.

  3. vicky says

    OK, so quiet lives of despair in the slough of despond..hmm. Nope. I think we have to meet up and start a subtle but clear ‘shift in consensus’. Women did it to get ordained…anything from bending the rules to outrage.
    But my vote is with keeping ourselves honest and showing integrity…this, I believe, can be best started over the sharing of a meal with interested parties. Yesterday Kelvin talked of how we can tempt God into all sorts of things (including power without authority). My vote is going for authority without the trappings of power – and that means using our lives as witness, as it has always done. The alternative is to leave the Anglican Communion to the Evangelicals, but I’m afraid that’s not my choice – there’s too many vulnerable people that will need support when they cannot live up to the ‘ideals’ espoused by the literalists. Let’s go for Quiet Queering and Disruption and lots of good food. 🙂 (I think we should have a special day for Saint Pelagia of the Eastern tradition, myself. Will have to look up the feast day.)

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