Kudos to Mother Ruth for spotting Bishop Ted Gulick’s apology to gay and lesbian members of the church. However, I think she has missed the fact that Bishop Ted is bishop of Glasgow and Galloway’s companion diocese in the US.

“In his annual report to the diocese’s convention Saturday, Bishop Ted Gulick said he’s trying to keep the Episcopal Church together and to maintain ties with other churches overseas amid controversies over homosexuality, The Courier-Journal reported.

“I hereby publicly and deliberately apologize to our devoted gay and lesbian men and woman in our diocese for whom this (latest) vote causes pain and alienation,” Gulick said.”

I’ve long since thought that an apology in the church can go a long way. For example, a good deal of the bitterness about clergy training in Scotland could have been diminished long ago if some of us had received an apology for the way we were treated in TISEC.

Still, it is good to see that apology from +Ted. More due, I think. Many more due.


  1. That was what struck me when I read it. An apology costs nothing but means so much to those who are hurt. Just think how supported you’d feel. But ‘Sorry seems to be the hardest word’, in the words of another gay man. +Ted seems to be a good man, and I’m sure his flock love and support him.

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