All is vanity

All, as we know from Quohelet, is vanity.

Lo, I looked into a mirror and I beheld my father’s eyebrows growing upon my own face. This, as anyone knows is not a desirable thing, so I took myself off into town to look for a trimming implement. Little did I know how many male trimming implements there are in this world of modern science.

One of them even promised me an “extra optical inch”. But who wants an extra inch on their eyebrows?


  1. zebadee says

    How do youthink your father felt when his fathers eyebrows started to grow on his face?

  2. Shouldn’t an extra optical inch give you an extra inch of vision, rather than eye-brow?

    Good thing you are rather more fond of Quohelet than the well-browed patriarch is. Though I’m sure he could quote a nice proverb at us about the insolence of children…

  3. Hate to tell you but women also are afflicted by wild eyebrows. The only thing is the adjective avuncular would apply which just makes us bushy eyebrowed women feel dumb. As long as my eyebrows don’t end up looking like the Bishop of Pittsburg’s, I won’t feel bad.

  4. Insert the word NOT between ‘would’ and ‘apply’ and my post will make sense. Sheesh.

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