Two things need correction from Magnificat Monthly that I handed out on Sunday morning.

Firstly, the reference to the arrival of a Swedish Candelabra has caused pain and vexation to those of a classical education. It should have been a Swedish Candelabrum. My apologies.

Secondly, the work that the choir will sing on Good Friday is Stainer’s Crucifixion. Stainer’s Cursifixion is another work altogether, and not one suitable for such a holy day.


  1. It has been (often) said that I sometimes exhibit symptoms of having a cursing fixation. Is that similar to Stainer’s Cursifixion?

  2. Hmm, it seems disgruntled of Kelvingrove are not taking the bait for the latest error. No doubt Blethers will call you on it soon.

  3. kelvin says

    Hope so.

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