Diocesan Synod

Back now from today’s Diocesan Synod which was held in an Agricultural College in the middle of nowhere.

It began with a description of the automatic milking of cows, which seems to have caught Fr Gadgetvicar’s imagination. It did not capture my interest, but then one man’s milk is an udder man’s poison as the saying goes. I have to confess to feeling as though there was the danger of losing the will to live even before the business began.

I wonder just how many more people understand the strategic review stuff today than they did yesterday. However, it was a good tempered synod and we must be thankful for such mercies.
I have a fantasy that other parts of the world church might do these big meetings better than we tend to do them. Is it done differently in the States?


  1. Jimmy McPhee says

    Catatonia singing road rage

  2. kennedy says

    Yes, although, as you say, the Synod was good-tempered, it seemed that the agenda lost its way pretty early on and didn’t quite recover. I wasn’t quite sure what we are meant to be doing with/to the strategic review document; especially in the timescales set for the finance part. Given that the first time we had seen the document was with the Synod papers, it would be pretty unlikely that anyone would have had a chance to discuss it at vestry, never mind at congregational ore regional council level. And anyway, if I was a Lay rep, i would want to feedback to my congregation the discussion at Synod before coming to any common mind and conclusions.

    wrt the Marriage Liturgy, there must be something wrong with the process (or people’s understanding of the process) for us to get so far down the road with a document and people claim that they haven’t been able to discuss the thinking behind it.


  3. Glad to read that Glasgow suffers from the same problems of timescale as we do in the sticks – I wondered if maybe it was only us!

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