Just to let the world know that the highlight of my day, so far, has been a black kilt. Worn by a very smart (and very professional) undertaker.



  1. GadgetVicar says

    Sounds like Mr Steven Sim to me?

    I can’t commend him enough…..he and his team do a superb job.

  2. kelvin says

    That’s the one.

  3. We had one such undertaker in Linlithgow and he always cut a dashing figure in his black kilt. I think you should get one. With black shiny shoes, of course.

  4. Kelvin,

    Don’t be fooled by the suggestion that you should wear shiny shoes with a kilt. Bad people suggest this purely so they can look at the reflection…….

    By the way, isn’t a black kilt (presumably without any tartan pattern) just a black skirt? Wrong on several levels.

  5. kelvin says

    Gary, I had already worked out that black shiny shoes were not on. There is good reason for brogues.

    You can get black kilts which are tartan dyed black, so the tartan pattern still just shows.

    eg http://kiltstore.net/club_images/items1/sr_hedga_darkislandblackkilt_trad.jpg

    Not that I have been doing any research…

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