Where is the internal discourse?

One of the questions that came up last week at our Vestry day away was, “Where is the internal discourse of the congregation going on?”

It was a good question and interestingly, several of those present said that the internal discourse of the congregation was partly going on here on this blog. I agree with that, it is, though of course, it is not internal and not limited by the happenchance of time and circumstance in the ways that it once would have been. Once upon a time, someone would at that point of the discussion asked, “What is this blog thing people keep talking about?” but that was not to be last week. We seem to have moved beyond that to the question, “But doesn’t that leave some people out of the loop who don’t/won’t use new technology?”

The answer to that is of course that it does leave such people out of the loop. But then people forget that old technology – for example, sitting around in one place at one time, also excluded a lot of people. One day we will have to choose whether or not organise special ministries to those who who are realitybound in the same way that we once ministered to the housebound.


  1. You’re lucky they all know what a blog is (or know enough not to ask)
    Is the internal nature of the conversation at all disrupted by the occasional presence of outsiders?

  2. kelvin says

    >Is the internal nature of the conversation at all
    >disrupted by the occasional presence of outsiders?

    I think that it is changed, but not disrupted. Certainly, people can try out something of the ethos of the congregation without ever setting foot inside the doors.

  3. Ethos of the congregation, or ethos of the provost I wonder. Perhaps you are now in the place where the two match.

  4. Andrew says

    Kelvin’s blog empowers dialogue on certain subjects – namely, those that Kelvin includes in the blog itself. I wish we had a chat line, where anyone could start a thread of discussion. I personally would participate in discussions on:
    – The environment
    – Slavery ( any why it is still practiced )
    – Ecumenical concerns and relations with other religions
    – Children, and how we can bring them into the Faith

  5. Andrew, why not start your own Blog then you can set the agenda of what is included, and can write on those subjects of interest and importance to you? Anyone can then comment on your posts, or not as they see fit.

    Be sure and advise Kelvin’s readers of the address if you do.

  6. Andrew says

    Any one can start their own blog and discuss whatever they want to. I thought of this blog as being part of the Cathedral’s internal discourse, so that it might – in some way and perhaps – influence the direction the Cathedral takes on various issues.

  7. No, for me this is Kelvin’s personal Blog. Content therefore is rightly at his discretion. It’s no more to do with St Mary’s as my own Blog is.

  8. i think i may have posed the question which is more about how to hold the ‘gathered time-poor congregation’ that is us together and to explore where the groups are which are discoursing and thinking. gary must be right that Kelvin’s blog remains personal even if there is mutual (I hope) discourse between the Provost and congregation. Main problem for me with blogs and ‘internal discourse’ is that they are not a safe space – it can feel public and exposed to comment so only the articulate and robust can participate. there are no boundaries. but a closed ‘cathedral discussion forum’ is likely to die a boring death.

  9. Andy – surely you are not implying that St Mary’s congregation are boring? Or that they might like to discuss topics which not all members might find equally riveting? The words “…many mansions…” are passing through my mind.
    I’m with gary on this one, (leaving myself vulnerable to a predictable response there!). It’s Kelvin’s personal blog to which we can respond when appropriate. A Cathedral bulletin board sounds a great idea.

  10. Sorry to come in again – I should think before I submit.
    Kelvin – did your previous congregation/s use your blog as a forum to any extent?

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