Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is always such an odd day. Began this morning with Morning Prayer. I don’t think that I’ve ever prayed the office on this day before – it always seems a like a day when to pray in words is impossible. However Psalm 88 did the trick this morning.

Highlights so far this week have been the stripping of the church, the procession and watch on Maundy Thursday, “God So Loved the World” on Friday evening and all the folk who turned up for the mother of all spring cleaning sessions this morning.

However, we have not peaked yet. Tomorrow is the highpoint.

The fire liturgy and vigil tomorrow at 0700 promises to be very special. The 1030 will include the Halleluia Chorus sung by the whole company as the gradual, (bring a copy of the score if you have one) and then a champagne reception prior to the motorbike ride-past.
The evening gets going with a glorious festival Evensong at 1830 and continues with a ceilidh until late.

If you are reading this, you’re invited.


  1. Motorbike ride-past???

  2. We’re not all dirty filthy bikers you know Stewart.

    Today is the annual Motorcycle Action Group Easter Egg Run when more than 6000 bikers deliver easter eggs to The Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill. Last year £26,000 was raised for charity. And the route takes them right past St Mary’s at about the time we will be scoffing champagne. I for one will be standing outside with my glass watching them, and cheering them on (quietly).

    At least the recent rupturing of my Achilles Tendon means the choice was easy, because I was in two minds whether to bring the bike to church this morning and join the run after the service or whether to leave it at home and drink champagne. The champagne won by default since I can’t walk, never mind ride a 44 stone motorcycle!

    The BBC Website has a story about the Easter Egg Run.


    Happy Easter folks!

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