Easter Day

Up with the dawn for the Easter Fire liturgy. +Idris blessed an excellent fire which blazed at the appropriate point in the service thanks to an appropriate application of finest walnut oil. (v. west end!). Then into the church to fling water around and celebrate the resurrection with smoke, candles, bread and wine and 360 degree cartwheels from the thurible at the drop of an alleluia.

Then back outside where breakfast was cooked expertly on the Easter Fire. What is it about bacon butties – they do break out on Easter Day.

A calm 0830 service and then into the main Eucharist of the day – a church packed with happy crowds. Fizz at the end and more alleluias to greet the rise Christ.

A wonderful highlight of Easter Day here is the bikers ride past. I donned an appropriate cope and went outside to offer them (~7000 of them) a happy benediction as they made their way to Yorkhill to present Easter Eggs and goodies to the sick kids hospital. Many waved back, most tooted, some gave a blessing in return and some were inspired enough to rev their engines – a rev for a Rev, I suspect.

Back for more later. I can barely walk, but intend to dance.


  1. The Bacon butties were wonderful. One of the American members of the congregation was introduced to the delights of square sausages.

    One thought though – the Easter Fire was blessed by the Primus and breakfast was produced over the fire (a stove maybe?). Does this mean that it was a Primus Stove?

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