Easter Update

I’m not sure where the energy came from for last night’s evensong. I was beyond speech, but somehow managed to sing the Rose responses as though I knew them. The choir belted through Dyson in D, one of the Vaughan Williams Five Mystical Songs and a glorious Howells Te Deum. +Idris reappeared to join us, having spent part of the day in Troon.

After Evensong, the furniture got pushed aside to make way for the ceilidh – dancing to Robbie Shepherd’s Nightmare, who are to be recommended. All the while we danced the night away, the Paschal candle burned brightly above us from the sanctuary. It had been lit from the flame kindled in the first light of the day with Bishop Idris’s prayers.

Best thing I heard all day was, “What would Jesus think if he saw this dancing in church? He would be burlin’ in his grave, he would, … oh no! … he wouldn’t would he? that’s the point!”

He is risen indeed, Alleluia!


  1. The most amazing thing to me is that in the midst of all that you found the energy to blog.

    Happy easter.

  2. So – you mus’ be gettin’ summat right ‘cos the speaker recognized their own gaff – Happy Easter Very Rev (rev rev, rev rev, rev rev !)

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