Riling the Nuns

Oh no, I’ve managed to rile the nun-lobby in my previous post. You never know who you are going to upset when you start blogging. It was my comment about three nuns sitting around singing kum-by-yah that did it. And I was quoting someone else too.

For the record, a good deal of my training as a priest seemed to consist of sitting around a candle, a gorgeous Hermès scarf and a Ladro statuette singing In te domine speravi with Sister Gill. (And those were some of the best bits of my training). It was simply a posh, IBVM version of three nuns sitting around a candle singing kum-by-yah, if you ask me. And I liked it.

At least, I quite liked Sister Gill who shortly after she left TISEC went to Canada and started writing a book called Creative Persistence, which was marketed thus:

Goulding has produced a highly topical book showing the impact of abuse at every level. She makes practical suggestions for developing a creative approach to persevering that brings together insights from her own interviews with people who have experienced abuse of some form or another within the church and the results of her own theological research into suffering, perseverance, and – eventually – empowerment.

Anyway, if you want a sophisticated joke about religious orders and a lightbulb, check out Padre Rob’s blog.


  1. Moyra says

    It was only Kum-by-Yah that got me – I sit around candles myself and like it!! Though, a Hermès scarf and Ladro statuette have never featured in such activities…

  2. Thanks for the tag, Father. I’ve been lurking here for some time. I’m glad to see you back from holiday and blogging again, Pax.

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