Polling Day

Election Posters

I’ve been to vote. It isn’t too hard for me to know how to make my mind up – I’m a member of a political party and stood as a candidate at the last General Election. Indeed, if anything, it feels rather odd not to be standing this time around.

The papers here are being counted electronically, which is rather worrying. I don’t know how anyone can check that the count is fair. The scrutiny of the count used to be so intense, now I’ve no idea what happens. Do people just look on as the papers are fed into a machine?

Give me bits of paper, pencils and a bunch of people counting on tables any day.


  1. Now that brings back memories (mostly of rain, tired feet, and that sligtly wild look in your eyes). Did you keep any of the signs? I always half expected one to appear framed in a curious fashion in one of your rooms.

  2. kelvin says

    Actually no, the signs are all gone. All that remains is this picture of them, which I rather like.

  3. Yes. I suppose I was being a bit dense…
    I blame sun and dehydration for the lack of brain functioning.

  4. asphodeline says

    Actually, I stillhave a couple of those signs on the back seat of my car!! It usually gets more cleaning out but the signs have been used at foot well mats for a while now!

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