Holy Things

I’ve spent part of this week working in London. Flew down, sleeper back up again last night. In a rather tight schedule, I managed to fit a couple of extras in. The most notable of these was an all too short visit to the Sacred exhibition at the British Library and a night at the theatre seeing Equus.

The heart of the BL show was a gathering of some of the most stunning manuscripts the world has ever seen. Objects of utter beauty and of fine cultural significance. The crowd was part of the show too. There was an agenda of course – that the three main monotheistic faiths have more in common than divide them. This was laid on pretty thickly.

Equus was as dazzling in its way as the manuscripts. Pitch perfect performances from Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe and the astonishing revelation at the end that I knew that I had believed that I was seeing six horses on stage in front of me. It is an extraordinary play which will linger long in the memory.

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