Baptism update

My co-star and I had an agreement this morning not to upstage one another. We managed to keep to this agreement, more or less. I did wonder whether his insisting on taking his shoes off so that he could paddle in the font was perhaps taking things a bit too far, but no, he rightly knew that you cannot go too far. What’s wrong with playing to the gallery after all?

It was a very wet baptism indeed. In fact, I’m sure that Josh was really in his heart a believer in full immersion. I’m not sure who ended up wetter, him or I.


  1. Oh for a webcam to allow those who are not able to attend to join in.

  2. well, at least you had the benefit of the font. I’m baptizing a Jewish friend who is converting and he wants to be immersed in a natural, flowing source. Thank God the baptism will be when the river will be warm, LOL

  3. I’m ‘doing’ a 7 year-old this Sunday and he wants to know if he will be held upside down and dunked or not. I told him “Absolutely!” He has threatened to fight back. Should be fun.

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