Upcoming Synod etc

Tomorrow the General Synod begins. The thick books of synod papers arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been dipping into them since then. There is not much that appears  to be terribly contentious, in my view. However, the consequence of bland motions and nothing for people to get their teeth into is that unexpected things happen in the most unexpected of debates.

I’m planning on just sitting being good, as usual.

Thursday evening, I will be found at St Michael and All Saints for their Corpus Christi festivities. One day, it would be good to celebrate this in St Mary’s, but this year, with Synod being in Edinburgh, I decided not to try anything new in the west. A few folk from St Mary’s seem to be planning on coming over to join in in Edinburgh to see how they do it. Starts 7.30 pm and is unmissable.


  1. My great-auntie used to go to StM&AS. Small world 🙂

  2. Now you know what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men!

  3. Anonymous says

    Alas, a unexpected dissertation meeting with my supervisor on Thursday means no rose petals for me! Maybe next year? At St Mary’s??

  4. St Mary’s Glasgow group are travelling across on the 6:15pm train from Glasgow Queen Street to Haymarket. Notes will be taken by those present to compare with the service at St Mary’s on 22 May 2008 (at 7:30pm?).

  5. But did the Rector and Dean of the Diocese have to throw rose petals all over us? Scattering as a carpet for the Blessed Sacrament to pass by upon – yes. Lobbing a basket over visiting clergy who were swelling the congregation – no. But I think it was done in love.

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