Synod Blogging-1

Synod begins with a splendid Eucharist in St Mary’s cathedral. We know not the hymns. Then, back to Palmerston Place church for the welcoming of delegates who don’t have enough meetings to go to of their own. We then appoint prolocutors even though we don’t ever use them. The prolocutors are the people who will chair the Houses, if synod decides to meet in houses.

Patricia Petie proposes the minutes from last year. They are received without dissent.

We then have election announcements. There are places on the Admin Board though no-one seems to want to be on it. Richard Kilgour and Malcolm Round are elected onto the Standing Committee se long as synod agrees to increase its membership.

John Stuart says the usual system of bells and whistles will apply. This seems more exciting then it will be in reality. Speakers’ cards would be in use once again. This was originally my idea, as it happens, though not in the way they are being used.

Palmerston Place church has a very hideous banner which says upon it “Jesus said let the little ones come to me.” It is a reminder that I am one of the youngest people present.

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