Synod Blogging -7 child protection vulnerable adults.

During the preceding coffee break, the convenor of the Liturgy Committee tells me that I an sitting in a dark corner. I presume he is taking about the lighting in the hall as he is taking photographs. When back in my place, I start to wonder. Is it really that dark? Was he trying to tell me something more significant.

Amendments to canons are made to include the protection of vulnerable adults in the church alongside the protection of children. And about time too.

Retiring Protection Officer Barbara Steele who recently retired is thanked. Quite right too. (The handwriting recognition technology I am blogging with recognises the way I write her name as Baboon Steele. It is not my fault. I blame Microsoft).

Lexie Plumtree speaks. We are all jealous of her name.


  1. No, that wasn’t a dark corner. That was the naughty corner.

  2. Bradley says

    Just curious – are you running Vista with personalized handwriting recognition?

  3. Kelvin says

    Yes, Vista business

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