Synod Blogging8- Liturgy

Liturgical formation. We have the chance to talk about what makes good liturgy. We talk a lot about the choice of hymns at the Synod Eucharist.

We move on to discuss the new Manage Liturgy. Andrew Barr tells us it is taken as read that marriage is by definition something between a husband and wife; it a man and a woman. I suspect there are those in the hall who disagree that this can be simply taken as read, and there we those who disagree with the statement itself.

(Gadgetvicar provided some helpful suggestions a couple of months ago as to how the new liturgy could be used for blessing gay couples).

The Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney try to delay the introduction of the new Liturgy. They are not happy about matters of doctrine “They don’t the the use of the Book of Ruth. They don’t like what they see as an attempt to secularise marriage end want to maintain a distinctiveness for Christian Marriage over Marriage in General.

The Aberdeen motion falls by a significant margin.

Bishop Brian appeals for wee prayers for couples coming to be married who already have children.

The Liturgy is accepted by the synod unmodified.


  1. vicky says

    It’s frustrating and painful, isn’t it? M and I have deliberated quite a lot on it all since Dar es Sallaam.

  2. I like the idea of a Manage (sic) Liturgy. Would it help me with my In Tray? Or my Tax Return? Or managing my little flock? No, on second thoughts, that would take more than a liturgy!

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